Representation for Children, or Why “Bisexual” is Not a Swearword

When I was five years old, I wished I was a boy. It wasn't because I wanted to be a boy, really. I just wanted to kiss the back of a girl's hand someday. Not have a boy kiss the back of my hand, mind you. While I'm sure I wanted to be on the… Continue reading Representation for Children, or Why “Bisexual” is Not a Swearword


The “Good Old Days” of Parenting

So first of all, I haven't been around in a while. A little over eight weeks ago I had a tiny human being cut out of my body, which as you can imagine was a difficult and overwhelming time leading up to, during, and afterwards, and the aforementioned tiny human takes up quite a bit… Continue reading The “Good Old Days” of Parenting

I’m Not Here to Talk About Guns (This Time)

I've been having a few different conversations about gun control in the wake of the tragedy this week, and there was a lot about that tragedy on the radio on the way home too. It gave me a lot to think about. One thing I keep coming back to is that this is not a… Continue reading I’m Not Here to Talk About Guns (This Time)

Children Are People: A Truly Novel Idea

It truly amazes me how staunchly so many parents reject the idea of treating their children like actual people. I saw a fantastic article over at ScaryMommy that stirred up a lot more controversy than I would have expected. I mean, it wasn't flawless by any means, but it had some really good ideas to… Continue reading Children Are People: A Truly Novel Idea

A Very Simple Message On Vaccines

So I had an entirely different post outlined and ready to be written, but then my state had its seventy-ninth case of measles due to a lack of vaccines and I decided my first real post about social issues and/or parenting was going to have to be with this very simple message: VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN.… Continue reading A Very Simple Message On Vaccines